Start up Area

Start up Area

As a startup, have you been on the market for a maximum of 5 years? And would you like to present your innovative product ideas at Kids India? Then book your participation within the Startup Pavilion!

The Startup Pavilion offers you the opportunity to present yourself effectively together with other startups and to open up new sales markets. A complete package tailored to young companies makes participating in the trade fair easier both organizationally and financially and gives you the ideal entry into the toys and childrens product industry

The Startup Pavilion complete package:

6 m2 of stand space

Stand would include:

  • 1 Bar Counter
  • 2 Bar Stools
  • 1 Power Point (3 Kw for show days; 1 Kw per day for show days)
  • 3 spotlights
  • 1 waste paper dustbin
  • 3 presentation shelves
  • Fascia with company name
  • Carpet on booked space


  • Access to a common meeting lounge for customer meetings.
  • Special mention in the online Exhibitor Catalogue.
  • Company presentation slot (10 min) at the conference area.

Participation price for the complete package:

INR 65,000 plus taxes

Do you have further questions?

Please contact | +91 011 4716 8814